Truck Accident Lawyer

What You Need To Know

McElfish Law Firm defends and prosecutes catastrophic injury cases arising out of truck accidents including

  • Death
  • Paralysis
  • Severe burns
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Property damage
  • Subrogation and cargo claims, including Carmack cases.

During the litigation and trial of these cases we handle a myriad of related issues including but not limited to drug and alcohol testing, regulatory FMCSR violations, overweight and length violations, hours of service (HOS), negligent entrustment, supervision and training, violation of driver qualifications, including physical requirements under DOT standards and HAZMAT issues, including fingerprinting among others. McElfish Law Firm, premiere truck accident lawyer Los Angeles.

Trial lawyers representing Plaintiffs and Defendants. McElfish Law Firm defends and prosecutes serious injury cases from truck accidents. Personal injury lawyer Los Angeles.

Around 100,000 people are injured in accidents involving large commercial trucks each year. Trucking accidents cause serious injury and wrongful death. Victims of trucking accidents suffer broken bones, head injuries, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, and many other lifelong injuries.

Truck accidents are devastating for the victim and their families. What makes it worse is most of the time, the injured party did nothing wrong and the injuries were because of the negligence of another party.

First thing is to get medical treatment.

McElfish Law Firm specializes in trucking-related injuries and is trial lawyers. Individuals should not settle for a small outcome. Don’t talk to insurance companies before retaining counsel. Hire an expert Los Angeles truck accident lawyer.

McElfish Law Firm will handle the necessary legal procedures and paperwork on your behalf. Allowing you to focus on your medical treatment and getting better.

McElfish Law Firm has tried many cases to verdict and has won. Los Angeles truck accident lawyer.

McElfish Law Firm is a top personal injury lawyer Los Angeles and has represented and opposed some of the biggest names in the trucking industry; many of the trials involving catastrophic injuries and multiple parties.

Starting in the defense of trucking companies, carriers and insurers over 20 years ago, McElfish Law Firm is known as a top firm in the trucking industry. They have since been representing individuals who have been injured in truck accidents.

The extensive knowledge McElfish law firm has in trucking defense cases makes the firm extremely suitable for representing individuals who are plaintiffs. They know the defenses taken; the legalese used by big deep pocket brokers and beat them at their own game.

Causes of trucking accidents

Equipment errors- Large trucks have many moving parts. If the equipment is not working properly or a part breaks down, this can cause an accident. Proving who is at fault can get complicated. Who was negligent of equipment error can be from the maintenance of the truck, the parts themselves were defective, from the manufacturer, the mechanic that made repairs, or the seller. This is also the area of products liability, which is an area of law the Firm is also experienced in.

Operator error is the most common cause of trucking accidents. Long shifts and deadlines can cause truck drivers to be inattentive and disregard traffic laws. Some of the worse truck accidents are from operators falling asleep. Operators are required to keep drivers logs. The hours of service rules are that an operator can only work 14 hours a day and must be off duty for 10 consecutive hours. Often trucking companies allow operators to misslog hours to prevent lawsuits. An experienced truck accident lawyer Los Angeles will review log hours, and trip tickets which have delivery times and other sources.

Another fact about large trucks is that a lot of operators will depower the front brakes and use the trailers brakes. This reduces maneuvering and can cause the rig to jackknife. Improperly attaching the trailer can also cause jackknifing.

Other operator errors:

  • Improperly distributed load
  • Driving too fast
  • Taking a curb too fast
  • Inexperience


Proving fault- Trucking companies do everything possible to avoid liability. Commercial trucking companies have some of the top lawyers in the industry and want to limit how much they pay.

Trucking companies’ policies- Trucking companies have been synonymous with having their drivers work long schedules to make quotas and deadlines. These unrealistic expectations cause fatigue and stress and cause a driver to be inattentive and distracted.

The fact that some trucking companies intentionally disregard the law allows jurors to award punitive damages, which is the amount awarded above a reasonable settlement to punish the wrongdoers, the defendants.

In 2011, McElfish Law Firm won a defense verdict of $23.9Million against a transportation company.

Truck Accident Compensation:

Medical expenses can be enormous
Lost wages
Future earnings
Loss of consortium
McElfish Law Firm, truck accident lawyer.
McElfish Law Firm has represented individuals and businesses in large trucking cases involving personal injury and wrongful death for over 20 years. Personal injury lawyers Los Angeles who work diligently and get paid when you do.

Not waiting is very important in gathering all necessary information in truck accident Los Angeles, witnesses, logs, policies, evidence; the facts. The trucking companies’ legal counsels immediately try to limit their responsibility and payable compensation. McElfish Law, an experienced truck accident lawyer Los Angeles does an extensive analysis of the accident to prove that the truck driver was negligent in some way.

We analyze the trucking company, the hauling company and the driver to see if they broke any rules and regulations. We check work and loading logs to see if the driver violated any laws such as exceeding the limit of working hours causing driver fatigue or if the operator was under the influence of medication or drugs. These logs are particularly important if there are no witnesses.

As a good truck accident lawyer Los Angeles would do, McElfish Law checks the trucks maintenance records. We consult with experts in our network to determine if any laws or safety procedures have been violated. Accident reconstructionist gets the facts and tell what really happened.

Truck-related accidents often result in serious injuries and death. Serious injuries are head injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, paralysis broken bones.

McElfish Law Firm works with orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and all types of doctors to make sure our clients get the best care and assess the injuries.

We work closely with medical doctors to determine the cost and full scope of injuries and future medical cost.


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